What Is TokenAlert?

TokenAlert is a suite of apps, a community, and an educational program meant to help crypto and NFT investors get up and running quickly and stay ahead of the market.

  • CoinAlert

    CoinAlert scans the entire crypto market every few minutes and alerts investors when cryptocurrencies behave according to rules they define.

  • NFTAlert

    NFTAlert is to NFTs what CoinAlert is to fungibles. It scans OpenSea and other NFT sites every few minutes and alerts NFT investors when opportunities emerge.

  • Bots

    If you're an NFT or crypto project founder and need bots for your community, we've got you covered. We work with numerous communities to help create engagement and community growth.

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Are You An Investor?

One affordable subscription gets you access to two amazing apps. Whether you're a crypto investor, NFT investor, or you play both sides of the market, you'll gain an edge over other investors with our tools.


With over four thousand cryptocurrencies and counting, there’s no way a human brain can track all the price and volume movements and other factors across the entire market to spot opportunities and dangers the moment they arise.

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With hundreds of NFT avatar projects and counting, there’s no way a human brain can track all the floor movements, new listings, upcoming drops and other factors across the entire generative NFT market to spot opportunities.

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Are You A Moderator?

We work with a lot of founders and moderators to help them grow their Discord communities and keep them engaged. If you need bots, give us a shout. We just launched NFTAlert Bot, which we like to call "The God Bot", after working with numerous communities. We have more bots coming.

NFTAlert Bot

If you're a founder or moderator of an NFT project, one of the first things your community members will expect are Discord bots that allow them to quickly determine floor, rarity, number of owners, etc. It also helps create excitement to have dedicated channels that show all sales happening on OpenSea or listings being posted. These are the features offered by the NFTAlert Bot.

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We are a company founded by engineers with over 20 years of experience, and we have all been involved in crypto for many years. We have a passion for building tools that help investors spot opportunities that would go unnoticed to the naked eye.

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We are also deeply committed to education and mentorship. We run frequent bootcamps and workshops to help investors develop a solid foundation that will serve them for years to come. Check out TokenAlert Academy to see our bootcamps.

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The best way to learn how to invest, aside from structured education taught by people with deep experience, is to join a community that embraces mentorship. Our Discord community has investors of all experience levels and is tightly integrated with our tools.

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Our Amazing Team


TokenAlert Academy


Our investor bootcamps will help you learn how to discover, evaluate, and invest in crypto and NFT opportunities like a pro.

Our Community

If you value mentorship, good vibes, and you are eager to grow your wealth, join us on Discord! There are hundreds of people in our community eager to help you achieve the life of your dreams.